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FloorCloths by Andrew Bulloch

Photo Gallery

       5'8" x 8'8" Custom Colonial Williamsburg Landscape 

          Floorcloth with beige marble & black diamonds

[Close-up]  Colonial Williamsburg Ca​pitol​

[Close-up]  Summer:  Magazine Yard, Market Square, Windmill, Wigmaker House, King's Arm Tavern and Palmer House   [ in order]

[Close-up]  Fall:  Raleigh Tavern, Prentis Store, Randolph House, Courthouse, St. George Tucker House, Compton Oak Tree and Bruton Parish Church  [in order]

[Close-up]  Colonial Williamsburg Governor's Palace

                  37" x 43" Stairway landing matching

             beige marble & black diamond floorcloth

             8' 2" Custom Octagonal Wate​r ​in Motion​​​ floorcloth

                Close-ups of Water in motion border

      8' 6" x 9' 6" Custom French Colonial dinning room table floorcloth​​​

      Custom Kitchen Floorcloth with Northeastern North Carolina Map,

                                   Sand Dunes and Blue Heron

               2' x 3' Rooster Entryway Floorcloth

 Custom Shape Study Floorcloth with multiple angles 

   5' 5" x 7' 5" Rose Marble Blocks w/ black tile inlay

               2' x 3' Burgundy Marble Floorcloth

               35" x 45" Cheetah Print Floorcloth

Custom 32" x 80" Gray Marble w/ multiple Compass Rose

corresponding Stairway Landing Floorcloth

   32" x 6' Beige Marble with Deluxe Compass Rose

    Custom 4' x 6' Medallion Repeat w/ Multi-Borders

Custom 7' 4" x 12' Dining Room Floorcloth…

black and gray marble diamonds with multiple borders

Custom Kitchen-Breakfast Nook with Geometric Design and Primary Colors

       35.5" x 57.5" Custom Rainbow Trout Riverbed

                         2' x 3' Flower Welcome

5' x 7' Light Beige Marble w/ Blue Deluxe Compass Rose 

and Indented Corners

      9' Custom Circle with Marbled Interior Blocks

        and Welcome Pineapples plus Scroll Work